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Komax Lunchmate Diet Lunch Box Set Bento Mini 3 Pcs/Tier with Bag (Yellow / Navy)

RM 75.90
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Lunchmate Diet Lunch Box Set Mini 3 Tier Yellow / Navy from Komax

Imported from Korea. Excellent Quality. Brand New. 

Component: Container - Square Container 3Set; Lunch Bag 1Piece  

Size: Square Container 300ml(10.1oz);  (110 x 110 x 56mm), Lunch Bag: (120 x 120 x 170mm) 

Material: Container Lid, Body - BPA Free PolyPropylene(PP); Packing - Rubber(Silicone);

Bag Material: Polyester, PolyEthylene Terephthalate(PET) 

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