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Tsukineko Versacraft Small Ink Pad 24 Color

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* Made From Japan. 

* Excellent Quality 

* Size of the small  ink pad: 2.4 x 2.4cm 

* 24 color

ApplicationFabric, unpainted wood, uncoated paper, japanese papers,
leather(tanned leather), unglazed pottery


Drying timeNeeds to include drying time for paper. Treat with heat source (dryer, iron or heat gun) for at least 15 seconds for permanence. Drying time varies based on surface/material, humidity, etc.
 ※When heat setting with an iron, place a cloth between your project and the iron.


EmbossingEmboss optional on paper.
  • The ink does not contain dyes. It consists of solid pigmentation and tends to be thicker than dye based inks it does not soak in and stain the paper like a dye-based inks. Most Pigment inks will not dry on glossy paper unless you use a heat gun to set the ink. VersaCaft is great for archival scrapbooking projects due to its opacity and permanence. 
  • VersaCraft small Ink pads provide an economical solution for anyone wishing to build a collection of ink pads produced by a market leader. They are also a great way to experience the art of stamping and colouring without having to pay for full size stamp pads. 
  • VersaCraft can be used on a variety of surfaces such as fabric, paper, wood,and leather. When stamping on fabric heat setting is required and the fabric should be pre-washed to remove the sizing. 
  • The main reason to pre-wash is to remove the sizing (chemicals) that are added to fabrics by manufacturers to reduce wrinkling of the product.

How to use


How to use●By heat setting with an iron, textiles can be washed and images will remain.  Place a cloth between your project and the iron when ironing.

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